Steel Mirror
Technical Data

Design by:

Nicholas Rose, 2007



Standard sizes:

Width x Height

45 X 195 cm

70 X 195 cm

50 X 210 cm



Black steel mirror with glow shell and hand swept lacquer




Handmade in Copenhagen

Prices from DKK. 3.495,-


The Steel Mirror is the perfect conjoining of solidity and air.


The black T steel draws the heavy framing around the mirror itself. The glass floats on the steel frame leaving the impression that it opposes gravity; but in reality it is glued on the back side and secured around the edge.


The beautiful hard steel is coated with beeswax, which maintains the steel feeling. It can be re-applied or the steel can take on an ageing look as time passes.


The Steel Mirror can lean nonchalanly against the wall or you can chose to hang it with wall brackets, as an extra option.


The Steel Mirror makes a beautifully minimalistic pair with the 3L Hanger, which grew from the very framing of this mirror.




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