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LLLP creates furniture in accordance with the classic Danish design tradition where functionality, aesthetics and simplicity are key features.


The design platform is founded on sustainable principles using highly durable and natural materials with a timelessness that ensures dynamic and versatile usage to last a lifetime.


We build furniture for you who see the beauty in minimalism, timelessness and originality. For you who appreciates raw simplicity. And for you who looks for furniture with an edge.


We take pride in solving our clients’ challenges and always aim to perform our very best. Your home is your castle and you should feel comfortable with the furniture surrounding you.


Part of our philosophy is that no compromises should be made in decorating your home or office. We, therefore, present you with made to measure solutions that fit your needs and we always strive to assist you in creating your personal living space.





“It’s all about delivering aesthetic, functional and timeless furnitures of the highest quality“
– Nicholas Rose, owner


LLLP is based on a three-legged concept that supports your every need.
_WE DESIGN FOR YOU. You can choose our original designs
_WE DESIGN TOGETHER. You can choose to adapt our original design to specific measurements and materials
_YOU DESIGN WITH US. You can develop your own unique piece of furniture in collaboration with us


A high level of customer service is an essential part of the LLLP way. We are happy to assist you with interior decoration, assembling of our products or any special requests you might have.





“Our history is respected, our present is created”
– Nicolas Rose, Owner


LLLP was founded in 1992 by visionary industrial designers and architects Lex Ørneborg and Leif Jørgensen. Sharing the love and fascination for Scandinavian, minimalistic design the two began designing and selling furniture out of the shop at Fælledvej.


In 2002, Nicholas Rose, who has designed the majority of the LLLP furniture, took over the business and brand. Nicholas’ design philosophy reflects the LLLP history that has inspired him to create new, simple and original pieces. He honors the functional, minimalistic design tradition and creates raw, elegant furnitures that stands out from the crowd.


Nicholas Rose draws inspiration from creating solutions that satisfies the client’s needs and delivers a high level of aesthetic minimalism. For Rose, it is not about just producing products: He designs to make homes and spaces function with style.





LLLP furniture are crafted with inspiration from the classic industrial design tradition, the Bauhaus school, Donald Judd and other minimalistic artists and architects. With us, less is more is not just a catch phrase: It’s a way of living and being.


3 raw materials make for the foundation of most LLLP furniture:
Birch plywood, black steel and linoleum.


Birch Plywood has an amazing glow and the veins of the wood create unique expressions in every piece of furniture. This raw material, representing our Scandinavian heritage, is extremely well utilized with almost no waste of the actual tree making it an eco-responsible and sustainable choice. Furthermore, plywood  plates are unbelievably stabile with almost no chance of them breaking or splitting.


Black Steel, valved from some of Denmarks oldest and most renowned manufactures, is used to add a rawness and robustness to our furnitures. Every piece of steel is hand lacquered and processed to fit the specific product giving it authenticity and a highly unique look.


Linoleum is made from renewable materials such as linseed oil, resin, tree flour and jute. The chalkstone flour, also represented in linoleum, is an everlasting resource and the color pigments are all natural. Linseed oil is derived from dried ripe seeds of the flax plant, resin is obtained from trees without cutting them down, tree flour is a waste product from sawmills. And jute, grown and processed in Bangladesh and India, is a plant based renewable raw material.


As such, linoleum is a conscious environmental choice where all “ingredients” origins from natural sustainable resources.


German Design Award LLLP

LLLP is proud to announce that we have received a special mention on our plywood bed from German Design Award 2017.

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